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Flame Armour Fire Shutters

E60/ E120/ E240

New Government Legislation was introduced on the 1st November 2019. This Legislation states that it is mandatory for all fire shutters to be CE marked.

The new standards that all fire shutters must be compliant to is BS EN 16034:2014 & CE Marked to BS EN 13241-1:2003. The ‘Flame Armour’ fire shutters have been designed to comply with new legislation and were tested at WarringtonFire Test Facility, in Warrington on the 8th February 2019.

Our range of ‘Flame Armour‘ fire roller shutters, have been designed to also comply with BS EN 15269-10 tested at WarringtonFire Test Facility. Our fire shutters are designed with safety, security and style in mind. Our extended application covers doors being manufactured up to 7000mm x 7000mm, however larger doors can be made on request. Made to the highest quality and rigorously tested, you can rest assured that your premises fire strategy will be adhered.

Single phase tube motor fire shutters are supplied with battery backup and FDI panel, which can receive a volt free signal from the fire alarm and close on signal. Normally over serving hatches or reception desk, these are more suited to smaller applications.

Benefits of a Tubular motor fire shutter:

  • Cost effective.
  • Compact with small head box design.
  • Single phase.

Chain driven fire shutters are used on larger applications and are popular with the auto-solenoid realise and fusible link backup. No power is required for these doors to release for an open position and drop with a controlled decent. Where the tubular motor cannot achieve a pass for durability of the ability to release, the DLA fire shutter drive which is supplied by GFA UK can give a pass for the durability of the ability to release. A solenoid system is energised to release using a 24Vdc alarm signal. The new actuator release mechanism is energised to hold, therefore if the power is lost, the actuator will release.

Benefits of a chain driven fire motor:

  • Single and Three phase options.
  • Close in the event of power being lost.
  • Energised to hold actuator releases the mechanism and triggers a controlled gravity descent.
  • The actuator has a permanent 24Vdc which when interrupted by the fire alarm initiates the descent.

Audio visual warning panels are a popular choice (as an option) activated on fire signal. This panel omits audible warning and flashes indicating that the fire shutter is about to close. A closing time of up to 240 seconds can be set.

Our team has over a decade of fire safety experience and are always on hand to answer questions you may have, simply call 0845 863 0590 to speak to one of our experts or email


In accordance with the Construction Products Regulations (EU 305/2011), failure to provide the following documentation is evidence that the company cannot CE Mark a fire shutter to BS EN 16034. In conjunction with the certification provided by a notified body, such as WarringtonFire, guidance is supplied to to ensure that manufacturing non-compliant and unsafe fire shutters do not enter the UK Marketplace.

The following documentation is supplied as part of the handover documentation when a customer, Trade or End user, purchases a Flame Armour Fire Shutter. This documentation ensures that the correct procedures have been followed and the manufactured fire shutter is compliant to CE Marking regulations and standards.

  • Classification of fire resistance performance in accordance with BS EN 1634-1:2014+A1:2008.
    WarringtonFire Test report number : WF416674
  • Extended application report in accordance with BS EN 15269-10:2011.
    WarringtonFire Manufacturing plant number: E/327


We offer the following fire ratings:

  • One Hour Fire Protection: FR-1H Model (E60)
  • Two Hour Fire Protection: FR-2H Model (E120)
  • Four Hour Fire Protection: FR-4H Model (E240)


  • Polyester powder coated (British Standard or RAL)
  • Galvanised steel


  • 240 volt tubular motor operation
  • 1ph or 3ph External Fire Motor (For larger applications)
  • 75mm x 50mm x 5mm Culled rolled galvanised angle (50mm Punched Slots)
  • Cast End-locks with steel rivets
  • Nylon washers
  • Battery backup system (Optional extra for Sleep mode)
  • Easy-fit fire panel for tubular motors
  • External drive motors solenoid release and fusible link backup

Optional Extras:

  • FDCP Audio visual panel
  • Repeater panel
  • FDI Lite panel