Non-Electrical Roller Shutters

SSS Industrial doors have manufactured and installed a wide range of manual roller shutters for both domestic and commercial properties. Manual Push-ups utilise the tension from the spring within the barrel, this then causes the door to open once the centre or bullet locks are released. As a result of the tension, the spring will recoil and fully open the roller shutter. Chain Operated and Manual Push-Up roller shutters are ideal for securing buildings as they offer high protect and are maintenance free!

A popular option for a manual roller shutter is for it to be chain operated. A chain operated roller shutter does not require any electrical power as it is opened and closed by a hand chain. An electrical direct drive roller shutter will often be supplied with a manual override function which allows the customer to still operate the door regardless of electrical power.

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18swg, 20swg or 22swg Solid or Perforated Lath

Manual Push Up – Spring used for tension.
Chain Operated – Hand chain supplied.

Bullet Locks (These are bullet shaped inserts that go into housings that are wielded to each guide to prevent each door from being lifted).
Ground Locks (These locks are placed beneath the rail and secure the shutter to the floor with a lock).
Centre Locks (These locks are positioned in the centre of the bottom rail and push two locking bars into the guides to prevent them being lifted up).

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