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8 strong reasons why you need fire shutters

Building owners and contractors have a legal obligation and responsibility to ensure that the building is safe and complies with current regulations. To ensure the safety of the occupants or to protect the building itself, regular fire risk assessments should be completed, identifying any potential hazards and rectifying them immediately. Commercial and industrial buildings require employers and building owners to provide safe environments for employees and visitors. To ensure that a building complies with current building regulations, installing fire shutters on the premises ensures that protection is provided when it matters the most. Here are some strong reasons why you need fire shutters, and if you’d like to know more about their operation, head to our blog on how do fire shutters work?


1. Helps prevent the spread of fire


Unlike a standard roller shutter, fire shutters are specifically designed to contain a fire for a given integrity rating. Fire shutters are typically installed on openings which require to be isolated from the rest of the building. The fire shutter can be triggered upon the activation of the fire alarm or when a fire is detected within the building. Their main purpose is to compartmentalise a building in the unfortunate event of a fire, to contain it and reduce the spread to other areas until emergency services arrive. This will also increase evacuation times and help protect lives.



2. Supports government legislation


The government recognises the need for fire shutters, their proficiency in compartmentalising buildings and the invaluable part they play in containing fires. Government guidance for fire risk assessments and fire safety in commercial, industrial and non-domestic sectors advises areas with extensive catering facilities to be in a separate building. This is especially important if these areas are equipped with high fire-risk facilities. If this is not possible, which it is quite often not, guidance strongly advises fire-resisting constructions to separate the areas, such as fire shutters.


Fire shutters achieve more than simply meeting government regulations, they offer an efficient and effective fire safety system throughout buildings. They are commonly installed in, but are not limited to, kitchens, canteens and rooms with fire hazards. Due to their outstanding capability to contain fire, fire shutters can be installed anywhere throughout a building.


3. Good for fire risk assessments


Fire risk assessments should be executed regularly, including practise fire drills/evacuation procedures and fire safety equipment checks. The installation of functioning and compliant fire shutters immediately ticks off part of the assessment. However, should a fire shutter not be compliant to current standards (BS EN 16034) and not tested and certified by a notified body, it won’t be legally compliant, therefore prohibited by law. See our update on how CE marking will change from leaving the EU.


SSS Industrial Doors manufactures and supplies fully tested and compliant CE marked fire shutters, being one of the leaders in the industry. Contact our team of experts to find out more about our products and to see if you need fire shutters.


4. Provides various fire rating levels


When purchasing a fire shutter, you have different fire integrity ratings. These levels indicate the level of fire protection provided by the shutter during the event of a fire. This helps limit the spread and damage to the building for that given period. The integrity rating is stated with the letter ‘E’ followed by the minutes of resistance required.


The fire rating levels are:


  • One Hour Fire Protection (E60 Integrity)
  • Two Hour Fire Protection (E120 Integrity)
  • Four Hour Fire Protection (E240 Integrity)


5. Lowers insurance premiums


Installing fire safety equipment, such as fire shutters, to your premises will impress most insurance companies. Verifying, as a business policy holder, that you have measures in place to help prevent the spread of a fire should one occur, will show insurers you are doing all you can to help prevent major damage costs, which may lower insurance premiums. Insurers look at a range of risks to a business, they will analyse systems in place to control those risks when calculating property insurance premiums. Well-maintained fire shutters significantly reduce risks of major fire damage.


6. Your choice


To suit your application and requirements, there are different types of fire shutters you can choose from, amongst these are:


  • Tubular motor fire shutter
  • Gravity fail-safe tubular motor fire shutter
  • Inline (external motor) fire shutter

For more details, read more about different types of fire shutters from our blog.


7. Offers robust security


Made from the most secure and strong materials, you also benefit from robust security with your fire shutters. Their fire-rated construction makes them great for securing rooms or areas, both internally and externally. Upon activation, the system ensures the shutter is in position, designed to contain fire. You can rely on these shutters to secure and protect your premises effectively.


8. Can be made to match


If you do not want to compromise your building aesthetic, it is possible for a fire shutter to be manufactured with a powder-coated finish to ensure continuity.


Want to know more about how fire shutters could work in your building? Do you need to discuss designs and finishes? Contact us today, we are always happy to help. Also, head on over to our blog to read our complete guide to fire shutters and read about the change of CE marked fire shutters after leaving the EU.


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