SSS Industrial Doors Ltd were one of the first UK manufacturers to be tested to BS EN 16034. The project initially started in 2017 when WarringtonFire conducted an audit on the company to ensure the correct documentation was present within the Factory Production Control (FPC) file. Once the audit was completed, WarringtonFire returned and inspected the factory to witness the manufacturing of a Flame Armour fire shutter, this original specimen was then signed and approved for testing. On 8th February 2019, this fire shutter was furnace tested to BS EN 1634-1 and surpassed the 240 minutes integrity fire rating.


As of 1st November 2019, the transition period for the previous fire shutter standard BS 476 part 22 (1987) expired and it became a non-compliant standard. Therefore fire shutters cannot be CE marked if they are manufactured to BS 476 part 22. 


As a mandatory implementation for CE marking, all fire shutters sold within the European Market place must be compliant to the harmonised standard BS EN 16034. The new standard replaces the previous standard BS 476 part 22 (1987) and any fire shutters manufactured and installed to the previous standard, after 1st November 2019 are not legitimately CE marked. If a fire shutter is not accompanied with the correct documentation and certification and cannot be CE marked, this is a non-compliant product and manufacturers and installers are therefore liable and subject to prosecution.

Any company which is found to have sold or installed a non-compliant fire shutter within the European Marketplace, are liable for damages and are subject to prosecution.

As an active member of The Door and Hardware Federation, commonly referred to as the ‘dhf’. We sought clarification and advice on legislation and the regulations changes. Therefore, we proactively contacted the ‘dhf’ and requested that they review our handover documentation, which is supplied to every customer once their fire shutter order has been dispatched from our factory. Our fire shutter documentation has also been inspected and reviewed by WarringtonFire prior to gaining certification.

“As a company, we welcomed the new regulations and the challenges which that brought regarding the manufacturing of fully compliant CE marked fire shutters. These regulations were introduced to save lives and protect property. Fundamentally, these changes will revolutionise how fire shutters are manufactured.” Mr Andrew Holker (Managing Director of SSS Industrial Doors Ltd)


For more information regarding fire shutter regulations and the new standard BSEN16034:2014 please contact our offices or visit our website on www.sssIndustrialdoors.co.uk