Post Manufacturing:

Augmented Reality

Using AR (Augmented Reality), it is now possible to perceive, manipulate and move a virtual representation of a shutter within your own environment. Using realistic 3D Models of roller shutters, it is now possible to visualise a roller shutter using real time render via the camera on a smart phone device. This is not required for manufacturing purposes, however it can allow customers to visualise a shutter prior to purchase.

Step by Step guide for using Augmented Reality:
Step 1 – Scan the QR Code.

Step 2 – Download the Augment App (iOS or Android only).
Step 3 – Load the 3D model and follow the quick tutorial.


The Manufacturing Process:

1. Order Comes In

The Customer either rings or emails, regarding the type of shutter they require for their business or domestic application. If possible, the customer then provides an approximate door opening size. This is not a necessity, however it does allow our office staff to create a quick estimate quotation, for the customer,  free of charge. 

sss office

2. Measure The Specifications

Next, we will discuss and organise a time that suits your schedule. Once we have chosen a suitable date and time we will send one of our highly trained engineers to measure your property or business. During this process our engineers often discuss possible shutters and additional extras which you might desire. Once the measurements are complete, the information is sent back to our offices.

All our engineers are fully trained and carry CSCS, IPAF and insurance certificates at all times.

SSS worker surveys location for a roller shutter door

3. Create The Product Drawing

Once the measurements have been recorded, our specially trained office staff use their adapted knowledge to create a bespoke product drawing. Each drawing is checked by the workshop manager to ensure that it would operate at optimal efficiency. However, if a door is ordered by a trade supplier we would email them a copy of the product drawing so that it can be verified before manufacturing, therefore ensuring that any measurements made by them can be double-checked. 

Product Drawing

4. Order Components

Once the product drawing has been created, it is uploaded to our portal for future reference (regarding Repairs, Serving and for Analysis). Then, one of our expert office staff will order the necessary components for your shutter. SSS Industrial Doors does not manufacture the lath in-house, this is ordered via a third party company. The same also applies to motors, which are ordered to meet your individual shutter requirements. 

5. Manufacture The Shutter

Manufacturing materials are selected from our state-of-art C.A.D cutting list and assembles as per our factory production control procedure.

First, the lath is measured and slide together. If the customer has specified the additional extra of a hood then the top three lath is reserved to ensure the lath smoothly coils around the barrel. Once End-locked the door is then rolled together in bundles.

Next, the flags and guides are manufactured to match the specifications in the product drawing. The flags size and thickness can differ due to personal customer requests or due to the size of the motor and safety brake. The guides can also have additional extras such as bullet locks or caps.

After, the engineer measures and manufactures the barrel that holds the lath in place. The barrel is either fitted with a tubular motor or an anti-fall safety brake, on larger applications three phase direct drive motors are used. The motor rotates the barrel both clockwise and anti-clockwise depending on whether the door is being opened or closed.

If the customer has requested powder-coating, then the whole door is coated in the specified colour. Our workshop is fully equip with a powder-coating facility and curing oven, this enables a quick turn around but most importantly we can manage quality control.

For a list of all colours that we coat in-house, please visit the following websites:
– RAL Colours:
– British Standard Colours:

6. In-House Check

Once the whole door has been manufactured, then it is checked by the workshop manager. This involves checking the quality of the powder-coating, ensuring that it is aesthetically pleasing and sprayed to a high standard. Then, the door is checked ensuring that additional extras have been included and are ready to fit. Once the whole shutter has been approved, the manager will create a fixing kit that includes all the necessary screws, fittings and components that the fitters will require when installing the shutter.

The workshop manager ensures that each door is complaint to CE Marking Standards before the shutter is dispatched from the workshop. 

SSS working on blue roller shutters

7. Deliver The Shutter

The next part of the process is the delivery. For most domestic applications the shutter is fitted at the customers location. However, some customers require the shutter to be fitted at another site or location, this can be arranged at any point of the manufacturing process. The office staff will often discuss a fitting date prior to delivery, however sometimes we are able to renegotiate an earlier date and deliver early than previously specified. All delivery times are discuss and organised to suit the customers schedule.   


loading roller shutters into a sss van

8. Install & Fit The Shutter

Finally, once the door is delivered to the specified location the fitters will begin installing the shutter. They will unwrap the newly manufactured door and begin to install the flags first by bolting them to the property. Next, the fitters install the barrel between both flags. Our fitters will slide the lath onto the barrel then they screw the guides into the flags and lower the lath into place. Once the door is completely fitted, the customer or site-manager will approve the work and sign it off

installing roller shutter