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Our range of smoke and fire curtains are designed to be as discreet as they are effective.  Fire curtains are very similar to fire shutters; the curtain is made from reinforced stainless steel wire and coated with a fire retardant coating. Aesthetically speaking, a fire curtain is more pleasing, able to roll into a much smaller box and offers a much neater and tidier alternative to a fire shutter.

The guides on a fire curtain are normally concealed within the wall and most fire curtains go completely unnoticed – meaning they can fit into your aesthetics seamlessly. Intelligent control panels allow a controlled, delayed decent from the 24dc gravity decent tubular motors. Our fire curtains can offer 120m integrity and 85m radiation @ 15kw/m2 (60/EW120). Suitable for any space, fire curtains efficiently protect your premises against the spread of smoke and fire, assuring guests, customers and workers feel relaxed and safe.

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Tested to EN 1634-1 for fire and radiation, and to EN1634-3 for smoke containment (note: this is not a smoke curtain, they tend to have no guides), a smoke curtain is designed to only channel smoke and normally works in conjunction with the building’s ventilation system. Fire and smoke curtains must undergo additional testing. We only provide the highest-quality fire and smoke curtains that follow stringent regulations, keeping anyone on your premises safer should an unfortunate event occur.

Product specifications

Fully tested and third-party accredited:

  • BS EN 1634-1:2014
  • BS EN 1634-3

Basic Specification:

  • 0.65mm thick stitched stainless steel and Kevlar thread
  • 24 volt DC tubular motor
  • 1.2mm galvanised steel plate hood
  • Gravity fail-safe


  • Advanced smoke control for your premises
  • Voice-warning devices available
  • Timed delay and two-stage closing
  • Gravity fail-safe operation
  • Fully compliance tested to maintain building fire safety
  • Designed to be hidden neatly above the ceiling line to blend with the building’s aesthetic
  • Fully resets after fire test without the need for engineers to attend
  • Low-maintenance costs
  • Lightweight slimline compact design


  • Polyester powder-coated (British Standard or RAL)

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    In the event of a fire and upon an alarm signal, they activate to close either vertically or horizontally to contain smoke and to provide fire protection for up to two hours.

    Their prime focus is to contain smoke but due to their robust stainless steel Kevlar thread, they can withstand a fire for up to two hours.

    The Kevlar steel thread comes in grey with end-plates, guides and hoods available in a variety of colours for an additional cost.

    Fire and smoke curtains are engineered for premises where smoke is a major concern. Typical applications are retail buildings, entrances to large public buildings, and throughout premises with a higher capacity, where there is an abundance of highly flammable materials. For fire protection for one, two, or four hours doubled as a robust security solution, learn more about our fire shutters.

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