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Our steel hinged fire doors are designed to provide ultimate protection in the event of a fire. Certified by Warrington Exova Certifire, our fire-rated steel exit doors go through rigorous testing to comply with the latest BSI standards, ensuring the best fire protection for your premises. It’s imperative that you have the right protection in place to help keep your staff, visitors and property safe and undamaged. Thanks to the robust steel construction and honeycomb core of our steel fire doors and smoke seals, thick smoke is restrained and any potential fire is contained.

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Manufactured from corrosion resistant Magnelis© steel as standard, steel hinged fire doors from SSS Industrial Doors are well protected from the elements. Crafted using 1.2mm Magnelis© steel sheets as standard, but this can be upgraded to 1.5mm or 2.0mm sheets to increase the toughness of the door skin. This makes them suitable for many applications such as schools, office, apartment blocks, and multi storey car parks – we have every opening covered.

Product specifications


  • Polyester powder-coated (British Standard or RAL)

Door sizes:

For door sizes that are larger than the below specifications, side and over panels can be integrated to obtain the structural opening size required.

  • Single steel hinged fire door size: 1425mm wide x 2945mm high
  • Double steel hinged fire door size: 2825mm wide x 2945mm high

Optional extras:

  • Frame weather seal
  • Fixing cover caps
  • Removable or fixed panels

Download Brochures:

Steel hinged fire door brochure

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    It all depends on the fire ratings. Fire doors can provide fire protection for either one, two, or four hours, but these ratings are more for internal fire doors. The primary function of a fire exit door is to provide a means of safe escape.

    The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order states that emergency doors must not be locked in a way that they cannot be easily and immediately opened by anyone in order to escape quickly and safely. You should also have clear signage in place so people can follow escape routes easily. If your building is used at night, lighting should be used to illuminate emergency routes and exits with emergency lighting provided in case of a failure in the normal lighting.

    Thanks to our powder-coated finishes, your fire exit doors can be tailored to your overall building decor, coming in a range of colours. Simply request your preference, and we’ll see what we can do.

    The RRFSO advises that “the number, distribution and dimensions of emergency routes and exits must be adequate having regard to the use, equipment and dimensions of the premises and the maximum number of persons who may be present there at any one time.” Basically, you need to provide adequate escape routes that match the size and capacity of your building, ensuring people can escape in a timely manner, in the event of a fire.

    From the official order date, our professional, expert team aims to complete a one-week turnaround.

    Get expert support when you need it

    We are here to help and answer your questions