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High speed doors – also known as rapid roll doors – are much faster in operation than traditional roller shutters. Generally situated in partnership with a main roller shutter or sectional door, the Rapidor is designed for high usage during operating hours. When the business isn’t operating, the roller shutter or sectional door is closed to provide security. Manufactured using a specially designed lightweight 3mm thick PVC curtain with a full width vision window, the Rapidor is the best answer to retain heat in a heated factory or cold in a chilled factory.

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Operating speeds up to 2m/second

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The perfect solution for climate control

Improve security with an energy-efficient Rapidor high-speed door

With fossil fuels experiencing huge price increases, the cost to heat a warehouse or factory has increased dramatically. Traditional roller shutters and sectional doors are slow and tend to be left open, all the hot air is then lost from this opening. A high speed Rapidor can open at speeds of up to 2m/second and generally open in 4/5 seconds then auto close, this helps to retain heat. In chilled warehouses this works in reverse by keeping the cold in. Either way the installation of a Rapidor can substantially reduce a company’s annual energy costs to control the climate in their factory.

As well as temperate control, a high speed door can prevent unwanted pests and dust keeping the elements out and the perfect climate for working in.

Low-maintenance, durable and installed by our experienced team, you can rest assured that your goods will remain safe and temperate at all times.

Fully manufactured in the UK with short lead times, whether you are a trade customer or end user, we have your needs covered. With a specially designed bottom rail and cleverly integrated wind bars within the curtain of the Rapidor guarantees a smooth fast and reliable operation. Using only the best state of the art GFA high speed inverter drive systems with a number of safety options and multiple activation options any application can be catered for.

When it comes to industrial and insulated doors, our team has over a decade’s worth of experience in the industry, so if you have any questions, we’re here to help.

Product Specifications

Curtain colours:

  • Orange
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Grey
  • White

Basic specification:

  • 3mm PVC curtain
  • Canopy
  • Wireless safety edge
  • Photocells (x2)
  • Weighted bottom rail
  • Plastic breakout tabs


Unless otherwise specified, all motors will be supplied by GFA UK Ltd. 

  • Manual chain override
  • High-speed motor (single or three-phase)
  • Digital control panel

Optional extras:

  • Light curtain
  • Loop
  • Radar
  • Wind bars
  • Motor box
  • Fascia

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    Yes. They’re designed for faster logistics but they run at a good pace with the ability to manually override.

    From the official order date, we aim for a one-week turnaround.

    The curtain is made from PVC and it is constructed with a weighted bottom rail.

    Get expert support when you need it

    We are here to help and answer your questions