RAPIDOR – Fast Acting Rapid Door

If your business requires an energy efficiency solution which incorporates both speed and insulation then our rapid roll fast acting doors are the product for you. The fast operating opening and closing speeds are ideal for businesses to help enhance productivity within work place whilst ensuring increased security.

Constructed to the highest quality, our range guarantees speed, efficiency and reliability. The fast acting mechanism ensures that the internal environment of the building in question remains at a controlled temperature, vital for those working in an industry where products have to be kept cool or in certain atmospheric conditions.

Low maintenance, durable and installed by our experienced team, you can rest assured that your goods will remain safe and temperate at all times.

Our team has over a decade of industrial door experience and are always on hand to answer questions you may have, simply call 0845 863 0590 to speak to one of our experts or email [email protected].

Click the video below to see a RAPIDOR in action!



  • Polyester powder coated (British Standard or RAL)

Basic Specification:

  • 500mm x 500mm – minimum height
  • 6000mm x 3500mm – maximum width x height
  • 3mm PVC Curtain
  • Canopy
  • Wireless Safety Edge
  • (x2) Photocells
  • Weighted Bottom Rail
  • Plastic breakout tabs

Unless otherwise specified, all motors will be supplied by GFA UK Ltd. 

  • Manual Chain override
  • High Speed Motor (Single or Three Phase)
  • Digital control panel.

Optional Extras:

  • Light Curtain
  • Loop
  • Radar
  • Wind Bars
  • Motor Box
  • Fascia

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