Roller Shutters

Built to withstand harsh weather and direct impact, roller shutters provide a robust security solution for your property. Suitable for a range of industries and building types, our fully compliant roller shutters are a perfect way to keep intruders out and to minimise damage. Our products are also fully UKCA and CE Marked to the latest BSI and EU standards, ensuring that we comply with the HSE’s Supply of Machinery Regulation. Browse through our main categories below to find the shutter for your sector or use.

barn with an roller shutter

Agricultural Shutters

Heavy duty, durable and weather-resistant, our range of agricultural shutters can be adapted to fit a wide range of agricultural applications. Find out more here.

bar with shutters

Bar & Reception Shutters

Designed with security and style in mind, our range of bar and reception shutters offer protection without harming the aesthetic of your interior. Read more about our range here.

closed shutter door

Industrial Roller Shutters

Reliable, high-quality roller shutters, designed to fit and provide optimum safety and security. Find out more about our full range here.

Windows with roller shutters

Home/Office Shutters

Suitable for both domestic and commercial use, our range of shutters are made-to-measure and are the perfect security solution for your home or office. Find out more here.

roller shutter

Punched & Vision Shutters

Designed to let your customers view your products without encouraging opportunist crime, our range of vison and punched shutters are perfect for those in the retail sector. View our full range here.

yellow shutter Doors at a school

Schools & Education

From flame armour compartmentation shutters in assembly and dining halls, windows and doors, we also offer internal aluminium intruder deterrent doors to play areas. Find out more here.

Opened Side Rolling Shutters

Shop Front Roller Shutters

Our wide range of front roller shutters offer both security and style. Made to measure and easy to operate, our shutters will keep your business safe. View our full range here.

black roller shutters

Non-Electrical Shutters

Manual roller shutters are ideal when there is limited or no electrical supply to a building. Chain Operated and Manual Push-Up roller shutters are perfect for securing buildings as they offer high protect and are maintenance free!

Made from structural-grade galvanised coated steel to prevent corrosion and rusting, our roller shutters are constructed in a way to ensure a long lifespan. Another feature that increases the longevity is in the laminated anti-scratch coating, which provides superior anti-scratch resistance compared to painted surfaces. Super strong yet lightweight and built with excellent wind resistance, our roller shutters protect premises superbly, whether they’re industrial, commercial or domestic.

Every shutter is bespoke to meet your specific requirements and to suit your property’s overall décor. Whatever the size, type, or colour, we work with you to construct a roller shutter that matches your property and functions as you need it to. Whether you need completely opaque, solid shutters, or roller shutters with windows across laths, our engineers are experts in their field and can meet your requirements.

We aim for a turnaround for all products within approximately one week from the date of official order, with an open option to deliver doors direct to yourselves or direct to site.

Using AR (augmented reality), we create 3D models of roller shutters to visualise them in your own environment. This isn’t a requirement for the manufacturing process, but it’s a great way for you to see how they will look before you purchase.

Once we’ve got as many details from you regarding measurements and given you an estimate quote, we get to work on measuring the specifications, creating the product drawing, ordering components and manufacturing the roller shutter. Then, we do an in-house check carried out by our workshop manager to ensure everything is correct before delivering and installing the product at your premises.

We tailor our roller shutters to a wide scope of industries and uses, like:

  • Agricultural & industrial
  • Commercial
  • Office
  • Domestic
  • Educational
  • Car parks

Yes. Whether you want completely opaque shutters, ones with windows on laths, or punched & vision roller shutters, we can build them to match your preference.

Yes. We do electrical as well as non-electrical manual shutters for those on a budget or who need them for a smaller building or a domestic application.

Depending on the door height and lath, usual requirements are a minimum of 205mm up to 700mm.

To enable export into the EU, roller shutters must be CE marked. To allow them for sale on the UK market, they must be UKCA marked.

Yes, for up to four hours! Roller shutters can help protect against fire if they are successfully tested and certified with a fire rating, measured by the time the shutter can contain a fire for. See our ‘Flame Armour’ brochure for more info or learn more about how they work on our fire shutters page.