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Running a retail business can be stressful enough, without you having to worry yourself with security concerns, this is where SSS Industrial Doors can help.

As a retail business, your brand is your lifeblood which is why we offer a range of designs and tailormade options to suit you. From solid shutters to deter opportunist crime, to punched or perforated slats, allowing for product display, the choice is yours.

Rest assured, design doesn’t come at the expense of reliability, all our front roller shutters are manufactured to the highest standards while remaining easy to operate, with installation by our professional team as standard.

Our team has over a decade of security door experience and are always on hand to answer questions you may have, simply call 0845 863 0590 to speak to one of our experts or email [email protected].


Curtain Options:
Depending on customer preference we produce a range of shutter types to suite your requirements.

  • 38mm Aluminium (punched and perforated)
  • 44mm ,55mm, 77mm Aluminium (Sold, punched or insulated)
  • 75mm scrolled Galvanised lath, 20Swg 0.9mm
  • 75mm Perforated Steel lath

Basic Specification:

  • Extruded Aluminium guides with nylon brush seals (60mm, 70mm and 90mm)
  • Canopy / Box sizes (165mm, 205mm, 250mm and 300mm)
  • Extruded bottom rail complete with rubber seal
  • Punched Curtains can either be brick bond or in a straight line when orientated
  • Tube and link
  • Solid Lath may be used as an intersection with punched or perforated if required


  • 1Ph electric (Typical 240 volt tubular motor with anti-fall safety brake)
  • 3Ph electric (Typical 400 volt direct drive or chain driven with anti-fall safety brake)
  • Manual push up spring assisted (size depended)

Optional Extras:

  • Polyester powder coated (British Standard or RAL)
  • Remote control operation when safety edges and photocell are fitted
  • Lexan glazing can be added to each punched aluminium section for increased protection against the elements
  • Wind locks
  • Hoods and Fascia
  • Fully Insulated Door
  • Bullet locks / Centre locks / Ground locks
  • Interlocks to avoid opening doors with security locks fitted