Roller Shutter Manufacturers

Having worked in the industry for over 10 years, we have an incredible breadth of experience and are at the top of our game. Now SSS Industrial Doors is one of the leading suppliers of industrial doors in the UK; we’re the company that all others come to. We are also fully compliant with all fire safety regulations, including BS EN 1634-1 for both rigid and flexible structures, and with standards BS EN 16034:2014 and BS EN 13241-1:2003. SSS Industrial Doors hold the relevant Extended Application Report and our products are fully CE Marked.


fire shutter doors for student accommodation

Fire Products

Our ‘Flame Armour’ fire shutters are manufactured and designed to comply with EN 16034:2014 and were tested at Warrington Fire Test Facility, on 8th February 2019. Our product surpassed the FR-4H Model (four hour test) and therefore we can manufacture one, two and four hour rated fire roller shutters.

roller shutter doors used by university

Roller Shutters

We manufacture and supply roller shutters for a range of applications, varying from agricultural to commercial and domestic purposes. We offer high quality bespoke roller shutters doors which are designed to your specifications, made to measure with a one-year guarantee.

industrial roller shutter doors

Insulated Roller Shutters

Improved security and insulation, SSS Industrial Doors manufacture and supply three types of insulated roller shutters, ranging from 77mm foam filled, 90mm Magroll and 100mm Twin Skin Insulated lath. We can also offer an advanced security option of installing rolling bars or rubber which reduces the chances of a potential break-in.

77m foam filled aluminium shutter doors

Garage Doors

Utilising 25mm thickness of double skin, flat galvanised lath.  This is triple ribbed for extra strength and rigidity. Using double pop rivets to prevent lateral movement accommodated with insulated guide. This lath is ideal for domestic usage and is aesthetically pleasing, whilst insulating the property.

steel doors

Steel Hinged Doors

For the ultimate in security and safety, our range of steel hinged doors offer both protection and prevention, designed to your specifications. We offer British made bespoke personnel doors either single, double or leaf and half door-sets are manufactured to your requirements.

mesh commercial roller shutter

Car Park Shutters

We offer high usage and security roller shutters which are ideal for car parks, offering ventilation and vision when required. Often supplied with safety edges and photocells to prevent injury during operation. Supplied with 100% rated motors, they are the perfect solution to long-term and frequent usage.

residential electric gates

Gates & Barriers

Our range of domestic & commercial electric gates promise, strength, security and durability, making them the perfect security solution for your home or business. We manufacture five bar farm gates which are aesthetically pleasing whilst offering high security.


In-House Manufacturing

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50 Years Experience

Fully CE Marked Products


For more information regarding some of our featured work, click an image below:

Inline (external motor) fire shutter
rapid roll fast acting doors closed
Rapidor roller shutter door closed
commercial electric gates
steel shutter door used for agricultural
red Roller Shutter door
green shutter doors used by a school
electric gates
roller shutter doors
barn with opened roller shutters
inside storage unit with roller shutters
roller shutters used by university
black roller shutters
agricultural shutter doors
school using blue roller shutters
roller shutters at a community centre
Last Drop Hotel
garage with shutter doors with SSS van outside
black roller shutter
domestic shutter door
wingate shutter doors
football stadium using turnstiles
ford dealership
et hire commercial shutter doors
ford in Bristol using roller shutters
Commercial Roller Shutters