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Insulated fire shutters are very similar to standard fire shutters, however they offer an additional radiation rating (EW) as well as a fire integrity rating (E). A radiation rating may be required to reduce the spread of heat transferring through the insulated curtain; these are designed to protect people and property. A typical example would be on an escape route where people need to pass the fire shutter in order to evacuate the building. The insulated fire shutter would also prevent radiated heat passing through and causing nearby materials to combust.

All insulated fire shutters are compliant to the new standard EN16034:2014 and are supplied with a certificate of constancy of performance.

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Protect assets with heat retention

Powder-coated finishes

Built for safe operation

Product specifications

We offer the following Integrity (E) fire ratings:

  • 60 minutes (E60 rating)
  • 120 minutes (E120 rating)
  • 240 minutes (E240 rating)

Radiation (EW) ratings:

Radiation ratings offer the same performance as the integrity for standard fire-resistant shutters, however it also prevents the transfer of heat from one side of the fire shutter to the other.

  • One hour fire protection: EW (Radiation)
  • Two hours

Structural types:

  • Rigid structure tested (masonry, steel)


  • Polyester powder-coated (British Standard or RAL)
  • Galvanised steel flat laths


  • Insulated rockwool strips
  • Inline chain drive motors
  • 1ph or 3ph external fire motor (for larger applications)
  • 75mm x 50mm x 5mm culled rolled galvanised angle (50mm punched slots)
  • Cast end-locks with steel rivets
  • Nylon washers
  • External drive motors solenoid release and fusible link backup

Optional extras:

  • FCP-03 audio visual panel and slave repeater (provides audible and visual warning, two stage closing and delay descent)
  • Battery backup system on single phase motors only
  • Lockable, test and reset push button station
  • Emergency push buttons
  • Motor box

Download Brochures:

Insulated Fire Shutters Brochure

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    Working in the same operation as standard fire shutters, insulated fire shutters are engineered specifically to prevent some of the heat from transferring from one side to the other. This means if you have assets on the other side of the insulated fire shutter that are at high risk of being damaged by heat and more prone to melting, they are better protected due to the heat being retained on the other side of the shutter.

    It depends on the version, of which there are three. Our fire shutters can provide fire protection for either one hour, two hours, or four hours.

    They work in the same way, except an insulated fire shutter also prevents the transfer of heat from one side of the shutter to the other.

    An insulated fire shutter is manufactured from double-skinned 100mm galvanised flat lath. Strips of insulated rockwool are then inserted between the two interlocked sections of lath, which is then capped with steel end locks to prevent lateral movement. This forms a single section of the lath which, when interlocked with other sections, creates the whole curtain.

    If you have valuables and assets prone to melting or catching fire from condensed heat, insulated fire shutters are ideal to give that extra layer of heat protection by minimising thermal transmittance from one shut-off room to another.

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