Our High Speed Doors are low-maintenance, durable and expertly installed by our experienced team, you can be rest assured that your goods will remain safe and temperate.

All of our High Speed Doors are fully manufactured in the UK, meaning short lead times for when you need one installed as soon as possible. Whether you are a trade customer or an end user –  we have a High Speed Door to cover your needs. Our Rapidoor PVC high speed curtain is specially designed with cleverly integrated wind bars and breakout tabs for easy maintenance. Our Rapidoor 95i is an all-round product offering high speed, security and full insulation. The Rapidoor 95i can also be used as a primary door. Both our Rapidoor PVC and Rapidoor 95i products guarantee smooth, fast and reliable operation.

When it comes to industrial and insulated doors, our team has over a decade’s worth of experience in the industry, so if you have any questions we’re here to help. Check out our High Speed Door products below:

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    What are the benefits of High Speed Doors?

    1. Fast traffic flow
    2. Energy efficiency
    3. Contamination control
    4. Enhanced security
    5. Safety
    6. Noise reduction
    7. Reduced maintenance costs
    8. Aesthetics
    9. Temperature regulation
    10. Upholds health and safety requirements

    High Speed Doors applications and uses

    • Supermarkets
    • Kitchens
    • Food processing
    • Industrial warehouses
    • Medical facilities
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Manufacturing
    • Agriculture
    • Cold storage and refrigeration
    • High security parking garages

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    The high-speed insulated roller shutter can get up to 1m/s. The Rapidoor PVC can get up to 2m/s because of its PVC curtain.

    It is operated by a digital control panel and a high-speed motor, and if you ever need to interrupt, there is also a manual chain override mechanism.

    High speed doors are suitable for a range of applications both inside and outside commercial buildings. When high speed doors are installed inside, they primarily act as barriers between various sections of a building. This is beneficial for many reasons, for instance - within a food processing unit, a client might need to maintain consistent temperatures in specific areas, ensuring optimal conditions for food processing. Additionally, in environments where cleanliness is paramount, like pharmaceutical or medical labs, these doors prevent dust and contaminants from spreading between sections of a building. When used externally, high speed doors can be used to shut out any unauthorised personnel quickly. Plus, it can prevent too much conditioned air from escaping, which works wonders for energy efficiency.

    Absolutely. High speed doors are engineered to withstand a range of environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures. For the colder UK months, high speed doors can incorporate insulating properties, such as our high speed roller shutters, which are vital for facilities like cold storage warehouses. They ensure consistent internal temperatures and energy efficiency. During the warmer seasons, high speed shutters can be fitted with materials that deflect sunlight and resist heat, maintaining a cooler interior atmosphere. We’ll work with you to ensure we build the perfect high speed door that can withstand extreme temperatures and their intended purpose.

    High speed doors are used for the quick opening and closing of a door between two sections of a building. They used in a variety of settings, particularly those that are temperature sensitive or prone to contaminants. Their rapid operation not only ensures the seamless flow of goods and equipment but also diminishes the risk of door-related mishaps due to their reduced open times. Besides their quick opening and closing, high speed doors also play an important role in corporate social responsibility. They can quickly secure areas - whether it's preserving the chill in a freezer warehouse or keeping out external pollutants and contaminants. Their effective sealing capabilities also bolster energy efficiency by limiting thermal exchange, which eases the use of energy to heat or cool an area within the commercial property.

    Our Rapidoor PVC and High Speed Insulated Roller Shutters are both crucial for use in industrial and commercial units. However, they differ in their build, design, materials and intended purpose. Our PVC Rapidoor are used for quick operation and are mostly ideal for indoor applications. They help streamline operations by allowing for fast movement between different sections of an industrial unit, and they're great for places where you’d want to keep temperatures or cleanliness levels consistent. High Speed Insulated Roller Shutters on the other hand, are faster than your average roller shutter and use a state-of-the-art GFA inverter drive system with intelligent TS971 control panel. Plus, vision windows can be added to allow for more light to enter a space, and of course, to see through. Plus, they’re an energy efficient solution for clients looking to control temperatures between different environments in the same building.