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High Speed Insulated Roller Shutters are essentially a fast acting door that offer elevated security in your commercial space. Whilst rapid roll PVC doors have their place, our High Speed Insulated Roller Shutter Doors can be used as warehouse shutter doors, and are powered with a GFA inverter drive system and smart TS971 control panel for faster operation of your roller shutters than ever before.

Need natural light in your warehouse or commercial space? Our SSS95 insulated lath can also be fitted with integrated vision windows – which have been popular amongst clients who want an agile insulated roller shutter solution – particularly to keep temperature-regulated areas as energy efficient as possible. All of our high speed insulated shutters are hand-crafted with precision, fitted with a  95mm foam-injected lath that operates smoothly within our 90mm guide system, and complemented by a double guide brush seal that expertly blocks out draughts. Also found in our Rapidoor PVC series of high speed doors, our high speed insulated shutters can also include induction loops and radars.

After all, energy-saving is paramount and an attractive solution for many business owners. Make speed, insulation and unparalleled efficiency come to life within your business with our Rapidoor 95i insulated roller shutters.

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Insulation and security in one

Custom-made security

Engineered by the experts

Benefits of High Speed Insulated Roller Shutters 

  • Insulation and security in one
  • Custom-made security – can be used as security shutter doors
  • Engineered by the experts
  • Fast operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduced draught
  • Visibility options available
  • Customisable
  • Advanced technology
  • Durable 
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmental control

Product specifications


  • Pre-galvanised suitable for polyester powder-coating (British Standard or RAL)
  • Pre-colour coated

Basic specification

  • Heavy duty base rubber seal and carrier
  • Max width 10m wide
  • 12.5kg/m² steel
  • Wireless safety edge
  • Photocells (x2)


  • High-speed inverter drive motor

Optional extras

  • Wind lock anchors
  • Hoods and fascia
  • Remote control operation
  • Light curtains
  • Radar
  • Loops
  • Vision windows

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    The high-speed insulated roller shutter has the same basic specifications of a foam-filled roller shutter, but it comes with a high-speed inverter drive motor fitted and it falls at a slightly slower speed than the Rapidoor 95i due to its heavier construction of laths. The Rapidoor 95i is made of PVC and would need another door fitted in front to provide protection outside of working hours, whereas you would only need to install one high-speed insulated roller shutter for full security.

    This roller shutter’s speed can get up to 2m per second.

    Whatever your building’s aesthetic and brand colours, we work to match your style. We have a brilliant range of powder-coated finishes for you to choose from.

    A high speed 95 foam filled insulated shutter can be turned around in 1-2 weeks from the order date.

    Yes! That’s why we offer a unique shutters for businesses who require theirs to have insulation. There are many benefits for this, from energy savings to temperature control.

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